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I have chosen The Coca-Cola Company to evaluate for this assignment. This particular company has made a big splash in the digital world, using multiple media platforms as a means to reach out to consumers. I was most impressed with The Coca- Cola Company’s online magazine¬†Coca-Cola Journey.¬†This online magazine is a great way for consumers to find about everything that the company is doing. It includes everything from listings of products to partnerships to philanthropy. Another thing that I found interesting in the magazine was the company’s attempt to appeal to the “green people” of the world by introducing “Plantbottle Technology.” The Coca-Cola Company, along with many partners, have started making a shift towards using packaging made completely of plant material in an effort to reduce harmful chemicals in the environment.¬†

Coca-Cola also utilizes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach out to consumers. A photo of the Coca-Cola Zombie Survival Kit (shown below) was posted across all three platforms on the same day as the hit tv show The Walking Dead had its season premiere. This was a smart move using an already popular tv show and incorporating Coca-Cola into the mix.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.30.13 PM

I would suggest that The Coca-Cola Company promote its magazine a little better, perhaps by utilizing Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. I did not even know that the magazine existed and it is an excellent way to keep up with all things Coca-Cola. Another thing that I would suggest is the company providing consumers with a way to get involved with the product. The Share A Coke Campaign blew up big and I would love to see Coca-Cola continue to use this type of advertising.